Meet South Africa’s "Women’s Freediving Team"
Hurghada, Egypt, 03 November 2006
South Africa has entered a women’s team of three for the 5th AIDA World Championships which is being held from the 23rd November to 13 December in Hurghada, south eastern Egypt, in the Red Sea.
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South Africa has entered a women’s team of three for the 5th AIDA World Championships which is being held from the 23rd November to 13 December in Hurghada, south eastern Egypt, in the Red Sea.

The South African Women’s team, the "Banyana Ba Gauta" consists of dedicated freedivers experienced in the sport, internationally and locally. Two of the team members are the only registered freediving instructors in South Africa and they aim to grow freediving as a sport in South Africa. The team has never entered the world championships and are aiming at a minimum top 5 to 10 position. They are barring Egypt, the only African team competing at the event.

The 5th AIDA Freediving Team World Championship is set to be the biggest diving event ever. Over 150 athletes from over 30 nations are expected to be part of this event. Never before has the world seen nor witnessed such an amalgamation of divers – and the "Banyana Ba Gauta" want to fly the South African flag high at the event.

The South African team are all very experienced, holding nearly all the SA records. They will be including a black development diver in the team as it is their intention to grow the sport within all of our communities in South Africa.

This sponsorship offers your company the opportunity to strategically position your brand with the ownership of the sport as well a positioning the brand with a clean & healthy living sport.

World Team Championships Meet the Team World Championships Details
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World Team Championships

There are three Freediving Disciplines that each of the 3 divers must compete in at World Team Championships: Team points are allocated for each " completed " discipline.


Constant Weight (CWT)

The freediver descends and ascends using her monofin without pulling on the rope or changing her weights; only a single hold of the rope to stop the descent and start the ascent is allowed. Constant weight is the common sportive depth discipline of freediving.The current SA record is 50 meters, recorded by Helen Garner. Helen is now training to go 60 meters in Egypt.
Dynamic With Fins (DYN) The freediver travels in a horizontal position under water attempting to cover the greatest possible distance. Any propulsion aids other than fins or a monofin and swimming movements with the arms are prohibited.The current SA record is 138 meters. South Africa’s Hanli Prinsloo is now training to go 150 meters in Egypt.
Static Apnea (STA) The freediver holds her breath for as long as possible with her respiratory tracts immerged, her body at the surface of the water. Static apnea is the only discipline measuring the duration of breath hold.The current SA record is 5 minutes 18 seconds. All three of the team are training to improve this record.

Meet the Team

There are three Freediving Disciplines that each of the 3 divers must compete in at World Team Championships: Team points are allocated for each " completed " discipline.


Hanli Prinsloo
Hanli is a filmmaker writing and directing documentaries and fiction films. She lives in Cape Town and Stockholm, Sweden. Hanli first discovered Freediving in 2000 while living in Sweden. She has competed internationally and locally and is an AIDA Freediving Instructor. Hanli is the current SA "Dynamic No Fins" record holder, having recorded a length of 75 meters.

Helen Garner Helen is a yoga instructor who discovered the beauty of Freediving in the red sea in Dahab. She lives in Cape Town and Dahab, Egypt and is an AIDA Freediving Instructor. Helen is the current South African record holder in both "Constant Weight with Fins" and "Constant Weight without Fins". Helens 2006 World Ranking is 3 rd in Constant Weight Apnea without Fins and 5 th in Free Immersion Apnea.

Sophia Stander
Sophia, the 3 rd member of Team South Africa, is a world renowned underwater photographer. She lives in Cape Town and in 2001 qualified as a scuba diver instructor. She has traveled extensively to the Philippines, Bermuda, Bahamas and Grand Cayman taking underwater photographs for leading aquatic publications.

The Development Diver

There is an unbelievable interest in this sport from members of our black communities and it is a priority of the team to introduce the sport to enthusiastic black divers. The team is currently assessing a few girls who will accompany the team to Egypt.


World Championship Details

  • Dates : 1st to 12 December, 2006
  • Venue: Makadi Bay, Hurghada, South Eastern Egypt
  • Participants ( 196 Countries belong to AIDA)
  • The defending champions are the Canadians who won the event in Vancouver, Canada, 2004. USA came 2nd followed by Germany
  • Organisation AIDA International is the Worldwide Federation for breath-hold diving, established in 1992 which manages and oversees the recognition of
    records, organises competitions, and sets the standards for freedive education. Since 1993, AIDA International has officiated  169 Official World Records.
  • Websites

Sponsors Directory

Primary Championship Sponsors

  • Egypt Air
  • Red Sea Governor - H.E. Abu Bakr El Rashid
  • Egyptian Ministry of Tourism
  • Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Wealth

Secondary Championship Sponsors

  • Sports and Fitness Magazine
  • Waterway Company
  • Bvlgari Italian Jewelers
  • Professional Association of Diving
  • Diving Science & Technology (DSAT)
  • Egyptian Tourism Federation

Title Partner Benefits

Team South Africa Presenting Rights

  • Designation as Title Partner on all Team SA event branding and communications
  • Title Partner identification within Team SA PR campaign

Team South Africa Branding Rights

  • Casual Clothes (Company logo’s and livery on the teams Track Suites, T Shirts & caps which will be worn all the time by Team SA. These clothes will be accompanied with the SA flag)
  • Warm Up equipment and clothing ( Company logo’s and livery on the teams warm up yoga mats and leotards)
  • Competition Kit ( Company logo’s and livery on the teams wetsuits and fins. Branded towels will also be a great idea)

Team South Africa Image Rights

  • The team will be available for a dedicated brand shoot allowing the sponsor to maximize it’s association of the sport

Team South Africa Public Relations

  • The team will be available at all time for any interview that may be required.
  • The team has also arranged a dedicated photographer which will document the event for the sponsor
  • The team has also arranged to do two 15 minute documentaries on the event, which will be flighted on a SA TV station. Negotiations are currently taking place.
  • A suggested team photo (see pic) with the sponsors flag

The event will be broadcast LIVE around the world! Advanced underwater technology will put it into action under the clear conditions and with the beautiful backdrop of the Red Sea waters.
A total of 11 cameras will be used to film the event:

  • 2 Surface Cameras
  • 3-4 Handheld Cameras
  • 2 Cable Cameras
  • 2 Fixed Bottom Cameras
  • 1 Camera for the Making-Of footage
  • ESPN and SKY TV will carry the broadcasts

Press Conference
The team is planning to do a media conference in Johannesburg prior to them departing. As the sport is so unique and the team is very competitive, we are expecting to generate loads of publicity

Hospitality at the Event
Subject to securing sufficient funds, Team SA will accommodate 2 representatives from the sponsors to accompany them to "arguably" the finest tourist venue in the world. It will include a 5 day package:

  • Accommodation with the team
  • Accompanying them on their training dives
  • Being on a boat when the actual competition is in progress

Additional Rights
Right to display and promote products at the event and accommodation venue First right to sponsor the local AIDA SA Free Diving Association

Please Note
There are opportunities to leverage your association. We will use our best endeavors to incorporate your companies communication strategies wherever possible. IE Store visits etc



Package A

  • Full team of 5, including the development diver; air flights and equipment
  • Available to 1 sponsor
  • R 120 000 excl Vat
Package B
  • Team of 3,including air flights and equipment
  • R 85 000 excl Vat
Please note
  • Full Tour budget is available on request
  • Papadi who has been mandated by AIDA South Africa thanks you for considering this very valuable property and look forward to your favorable response.
  • Contact us today on +27 (11) 609 5688 or
  Hanli Prinsloo sporting her Papadi cap  
  The Free Diving Team  
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