Papadi Hosts FIFA Marketing
Germiston, 13 October 2005
The FIFA marketing and licensing department (FIFA Marketing & TV AG), together with Global Brands, the 2010 company appointed to handle the licensing for FIFA, was hosted by Papadi on Thursday 13 October 2005.
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The aim of the excursion was to meet some of the true fans of the game and to give FIFA an insight into the passion of the mass market. They were 1stly hosted by the Ga Makausi Squatter camp in Germiston, where they met the locals. One of the shacks was painted with township art and had messages of appreciation shown to FIFA. They were all handed personalized “makarapas”.

They were then taken to the Bafana Bafana number one lady supporter Gladys Gaileys “The Place Pub & Grill” in Westbury where they were met by some of the number 1 football fans. The fans, all dressed in their traditional teams and Bafana Bafana outfits, then did a traditional toyi-toyi and sung and danced for the delegation. The number one supporters all then introduced themselves and spoke passionately about their pride in South Africa been given the chance to host the 2010 games. Saddam Maake, Kaizer Chiefs number one fan and Mzion Mofokeng, Orlando Pirates number one fan then hosted a Q & A.

Joelle Macoin, FIFA’s head of Licensing then thanked the fans and promised to send them all a token of FIFA’s appreciation – a small pack of FIFA licensed products.
  The group gathers outside The Place in Westbury  
  FIFA Goodies  
  FIFA Goodies  
  Sonya Robinson and Joelle Macoin of FIFA pose with their Makarapa gifts handed to them in the Ga Makausi Squatter Camp  
  Sonya, Joelle, and Jonathan Sieff outside Alfred Baloyis Shack  
  FIFA delegation poses with number one fans in Westbury  
  Joelle and Sonya meet Saddam & Baloyi of Kaizer Chiefs  
  FIFA Goodies  
  Joelle poses with the Ghosts (Pirates) Mzion  
  3rd handover  
  Papadi's Tsholo Matshitse did a great job organising the visit  
  Your visit to South Africa  
  1st handover  
  1st handover  
  2nd handover  
  2nd handover  
  Gladwin, Gladys of Ajax  
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